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Religious words in Romanian curses

Three religious words appear in some Romanian curses: "Paștele" (the Easter), "Dumnezeu" (God) and "Cristos" (Christ).

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The curses that imply these religious words are:

"Paștele mă-tii!"

"Dumnezeul mă-tii!"

"Cristosul / Cristoșii mă-tii!"

The word "mă-tii" is the genitive form of "mama ta" (your mother). In the spoken language the popular form "maică-ta" is used (instead of "mama ta"). The form "mă-tii" is considered impolite and is generally used in the curses.

If we want to use "mă-tii" in the 3rd person singular (his / her mother), the form is "mă-sii" (derived from "mama sa > maică-sa > mă-sii). Having the same evolution as "mă-tii", the form "mă-sii" is impolite and generally occurs in the curses.

It is interesting that Romanian developed a curse that implies the word "Easter" (Paște):

"Paștele mă-tii"

The words "Dumnezeu" (God) and "Cristos" are also used in the curses.

The spelling dictionary of Romanian language considers that both forms ("Cristos" and "Hristos") are correct. "Cristoșii / Hristoșii" is the plural form of "Cristos / Hristos". Being masculine words, the definite article is "i" ("Cristoșii / Hristoșii”)

There are no Romanian curses that imply the Virgin Mary.


Mona Moldoveanu Pologea, Ph.D. Linguist

ROLANG School Managing Director