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About sport  (despre sport)

Let's learn some names of sports in Romanian.

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fotbal- engl. football

tenis de câmpengl. lawn tennis

tenis de masă engl. table tennis

golfengl. golf

ciclismengl. cycling

atletismengl. athletics

volei - engl. volley ball

handbalengl. handball

rugbi- engl. rugby

baschetengl. basket ball

polo pe apăengl. water polo

boxengl. boxing

schiengl. ski

patinajengl. skating

alpinismengl. mountaineering

înot- engl. swimming


If the sport has an instrument (like a ball, for instance), the verb used in front of these names of sports is "to play" (a juca).

Example: Eu joc fotbal / tenis / baschet (I play football / tennis / basket ball).

The verb "a juca" (to play) has the following forms in the Present Indicative:

eu joc, tu joci, el/ea joacă, noi jucăm, voi jucați, ei/ele joacă.

In all the other situations, we use the verb "to do" (a face)

Example: Eu fac schi / înot (I do ski / swimming)

The verb "a face" (to do) has the following forms in the Present Indicative:

eu fac, tu faci, el/ea face, noi facem, voi faceți, ei/ele fac.

The general phrase "I do sport" is formed with the verb "to do":

Eu fac sport (I do sport)

Mona Moldoveanu Pologea, Ph.D. Linguist
ROLANG School Managing Director