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Levels of Romanian Language - European Passport

A1: beginner level

The student can understand and use familiar everyday phrases. He knows a few basic words and phrases in Romanian, he can initiate a short conversation with usual sentences. He can introduce himself in a conversation, he can interact in a simple way with other people, he can write very short sentences.

A2: beginner level

The student understands and reads very simple texts, he can communicate in a simple way, he has basic notions on grammar, he can describe everyday life situations with basic vocabulary, he can write usual sentences and messages.

B1: intermediate level

The student can make sentences in a simple way, he can relate a story briefly, he can communicate about familiar topics, he can understand texts with a high frequency in a conversation, he can write messages and composition describing feelings, emotions, and impressions.

B2: intermediate level

The student can write clear sentences, essays, detailed letters. He can speak fluently and spontaneously, he can present his own views, he has a high degree in understanding conversations and written texts.

C1: advanced level

The student can express his views spontaneously, naturally, he can develop particular topics. He can understand long and complex texts or compositions. He can write long letters, essays, and reports.

C2: advanced level

The student can participate in a conversation without problems, he has a good familiarity with idiomatic phrases and sentences. He understands any kind of spoken language, he can speak fast, like a native speaker, he can write professional and literary texts.